Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

Essential Details for the Perfect Gambling Options Now

Essential Details for the Perfect Gambling Options Now

The profit of a gambler depends on the loss of others. That is what gambling has in common with capitalism. It is therefore a piece of capitalist culture. On the other hand, what capitalism does not have in common is that sometimes capitalism can generate growth that benefits everyone. In gambling there is only accumulation – profits are always based on the losses of others. Values ​​are not created. With the sabung ayam this comes perfectly now.

Practice and culture

In the practice of gambling, therefore, fraud naturally occurs. For many, it is a school of fraud, and if we look at the game of poker, which is even televised in the capitalistic culture and considered “sport”, we will first of all visit a culture of fraud – because the game of poker is intrinsically playful with deception and elevate them to a cultural skill.

Essential Details for the Perfect Gambling Options Now

Even when betting, there is the problem that you want to cheat. Here there is a gray area, namely the system game. A system player consciously tries to exploit the unconscious systematic typing behavior of others. If you only choose this system big enough – that means you control the fuzzy size of the win and the probability of a sufficient size, that works too.

  • The system players therefore exploit the non-system players. People who stand right in the political spectrum would say that this is a clever behavior and the other players are stupid if they type that stupid. This is because the idea of ​​exploiting others is widespread and not outlawed in this right-wing society.

The social-chauvinistic cult of the rich , that whoever excludes others is a winner, that the ability to outsmart others is considered a skill, and that wealth created by exploitation is interpreted as “having made it to something”; is borne by gambling into the exploited mass, which thus takes over the hostile ideology of the rich, with which the rich justify wealth and exploitation .